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Traffic Impact Analysis

  • Planned Residential Developments
  • Industrial Parks
  • Office Parks
  • Regional, Community, and Neighborhood Commercial Centers
  • Redevelopment Projects
  • Recreation Oriented Facilities
  • School/Church Projects
  • Specific Plans
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Transportation Planning


  • Site Circulation Studies
  • General Plan Amendments and Zone Changes
  • Trip Generation Studies
  • Nexus/Fair Share Analysis
  • General Plan Circulation Elements
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Traffic Mitigation Review

Traffic Operations and Design


  • Areawide Traffic Improvement Programs
  • Congestion Reduction Plans
  • Conceptual Striping Plans
  • Channelization and Roadway Design Input
  • Traffic Signals and Other Control Applications
  • Site Ingress/Egress Analysis
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  • Pedestrian Protection Studies
  • Radar Speed Surveys
  • Sight Distance Analysis
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Studies
  • School Safety Studies
  • High Accident Location Studies
  • Speed Zone Studies
  • Analysis and Correction of Roadway Deficiencies



  • Joint Parking Usage Studies
  • Parking Facility Planning and Operation Studies
  • Parking Management Plans
  • Shared Parking Demand Forecasting
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Computer Applications


  • Highway Capacity Manual Delay Methodology (Traffix/ Webster)
  • Intersection Capacity Utilization
  • Traffic Signal Timing and Optimization (Synchro)
  • Multi Modal Splits – Vehicles, Bicycle, Pedestrian
  • Comprehensive Transportation Modeling Data Applications
  • Traffic Signal Time Space Diagram
  • Traffic Index Calculations

Noise and Vibration Services

  • Commercial and Mixed Use Projects, including Shopping Centers, and Hotels
  • Industrial Projects, including utilities
  • Residential Subdivisions
  • Construction Noise and Vibration
  • Institutional Uses including Schools, Fire Stations and Hospitals
  • Parks and Recreational Facilities
  • New and Expanded Roadways and Rail
  • Noise Ordinance and Permit Compliance
  • General Plans and Specific Plans
  • Caltrans Noise Study Reports
  • Peer Review Services
  • Preparation of documentation for compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)
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Expert Witness
Air Quality/Global Climate Change/Health Risks Assessments


  • Air Quality and Global Climate Change Impact Analyses under CEQA and NEPA
  • Potential air quality impacts of each project • Analysis of regulatory impacts on various existing and future project conditions
  • Preparation of general plan air quality elements and Climate Action Plans
  • Mitigation programs for commercial, transportation, and industrial projects
  • Health Risk Assessments