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Plan to replace bridge at Port of Long Beach progresses
The Los Angeles Times, California
The Port of Long Beach moved forward Thursday with its plan to replace the deteriorating Gerald Desmond Bridge, releasing a draft of its revised environmental impact report on the proposed project. Port officials say the current bridge -- which was built in...More

Planners say region needs more homes
The Union-Tribune, San Diego County
If the county feels a tad cramped and overcrowded today, try picturing a million more people here 40 years from now, many of them living in apartments, condominiums and townhomes concentrated in urban centers near trolley stations and bus stops...More

Los Angeles during its growth spurt
The Los Angeles Times, California
Imagine Los Angeles as an unfinished sentence: big, open fields; no homes or other clutter hugging the Pacific; dirt roads from downtown to Pasadena. To see Los Angeles, before its superstructure of freeways and sweeping transition roads, summons up a different sort of narrative...More

Caltrans' water bill reaches $4.4 million for road repairs
The Press-Enterprise, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties
Storms during the past few weeks dumped massive amounts of rain and dipped into Caltrans coffers to the tune of $4.4 million thus far, officials said. The rains, which washed out many rural roads and led to repairs across Riverside and San Bernardino counties, led to...More

Mass transit a foreclosure fix?
Orange County Register, Orange County
Natural Resources Defense Council has issued an intriguing report stating that a household’s access to mass transit — and a lowered dependance on automobile expenses — is a key factoring in determining the likelihood of foreclosures. Basically, speaking of the national...More

Needed parking spaces added in median
The Union-Tribune, San Diego County
Hillcrest has added 15 much-needed parking spaces — next to a median right in the middle of busy Normal Street. More of this rare type of parking in San Diego could be coming to the popular neighborhood, which is known for its shops, restaurants and night life...More

Traffic survey will make L.A. jealous of us
Bakersfield.com, Kern County
If you're reading this at 7:45 a.m., waiting for the traffic ahead of you to start moving again, you'll just have to take my word on this. Traffic congestion in Bakersfield is not as bad as in many smaller and same-sized cities. In fact, the time we're wasting in heavy traffic hasn't...More

Kunzman Associates, Inc. is a Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning consulting firm providing professional expertise to both the public and private sectors. Since its founding in 1976, the firm's goal has been to provide the best traffic and transportation engineering services available through highly qualified personnel.

With over 30 years of experience, Kunzman Associates, Inc. is the second oldest Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning firm headquartered in Southern California with over 10 personnel. The Kunzman Associates, Inc. scale of operation and principal involvement in every project enables the firm to easily step in and become a part of any client's operation and/or consultant team.

William Kunzman, P.E.

Volume 23

TrafficNews is a periodic newsletter informing you of major transportation items of interest in the Southern California area.

Recent Projects

Orange County Focused Technical Review and Evaluation of the Noise Impact Analysis for a roadway construction project impacting a mobile home park.  The evaluation reviewed several existing environmental analysis documents and discussed their consistency with local, State, and Federal standards.

County of San Bernardino Traffic Impact Analysis for a street widening project involving a Level of Service analysis for existing and Year 2035 traffic conditions.  As part of the study, an analysis of the number of traffic accidents reported along the study area roadway network over the last ten years was conducted.  The primary purpose was to determine if the median should be painted or raised.

County of Orange Focused Traffic Analysis for an approximately 550 parking space RV storage facility.  The purpose of the report was to show the potential benefit of widening a roadway segment to both the roadway segment and nearby intersection.

County of San Bernardino Focused Traffic Analysis for an approximately 90 megawatt wind energy generating facility.  The purpose of the focused traffic analysis was to document existing traffic conditions and determine the construction and post-construction traffic impacts the project would have on the surrounding roadway system.

We Offer the Following Services:

Traffic Impact Analyses
Transportation Planning
Traffic Operations
Parking Analyses
Nexus/Fair Share Cost Studies
General Plan Circulation Elements
Traffic Signal Warrant Analyses
Trip Generation Comparisons
Intersection Capacity Analyses
Noise and Vibration Services

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