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Bullet train officials hold forum for potential contractors and subcontractors
The Los Angeles Times, California
Some 1,000 companies from around the globe, drawn by a bonanza of public funding allotted for California's proposed bullet train, descended Tuesday on the Los Angeles Convention Center angling for a piece of one of the biggest public ...More

Rising gas prices again filling seats on public transit
The Union-Tribune, San Diego
It’s like 2008 all over again. Gas prices are rising – up more than 22 percent since Jan. 1 and $1 a gallon more than a year ago, according to the Automobile Club of Southern California – zeroing in...More

REGION: State panel favors bill that could slow I-5 widening
North County Times, North San Diego and Southwest Riverside Counties
A bill that could halt the widening of Interstate 5 in North County moved forward Tuesday after it was favored by the California Senate Natural Resources Committee in a party-line vote...More

LAKE ELSINORE: City eyes Highway 74 control
North County Times, North San Diego and Southwest Riverside Counties
Lake Elsinore has an opportunity to take over control of a section of Highway 74 from the state. The City Council is scheduled Tuesday to decide whether to accept the state's offer to relinquish its control to Lake Elsinore of the western segments...More

TEMECULA: Firms working to make Jefferson Avenue city’s ‘Great Street’
North County Times, North San Diego and Southwest Riverside Counties
Temecula is getting serious about the state of Jefferson Avenue, a once-bustling street on the west side of Interstate 15 that has been left behind because of new development to the east in recent years...More

Perris homes could be in proposed Mid-County Parkway’s path
The Press-Enterprise, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties
Transportation officials are eyeing a new path for the proposed six-lane Mid-County Parkway that would spare a popular Perris park and a recently built fire station, but require the removal of at least 80 homes...More

Kunzman Associates, Inc. is a Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning consulting firm providing professional expertise to both the public and private sectors. Since its founding in 1976, the firm's goal has been to provide the best traffic and transportation engineering services available through highly qualified personnel.

With over 30 years of experience, Kunzman Associates, Inc. is the second oldest Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning firm headquartered in Southern California with over 10 personnel. The Kunzman Associates, Inc. scale of operation and principal involvement in every project enables the firm to easily step in and become a part of any client's operation and/or consultant team.

William Kunzman, P.E.


Volume 33

TrafficNews is a periodic newsletter informing you of major transportation items of interest in the Southern California area.

Recent Projects

County of Orange Focused Traffic Analysis for a homeowners association. The purpose of the focused traffic analysis was to look at the traffic calming measures, sight distance, and overall performance of existing roadway system in the community.

County of Los Angeles Traffic Impact Analysis for a proposed high school. A Level of Service analysis was conducted for existing, existing plus ambient growth, existing plus ambient growth plus project, opening year, and opening year with project traffic conditions.

County of San Bernardino Traffic Impact Analysis for a mixed commercial use project including bank, fast-food restaurant, retail, and supermarket land uses. A Level of Service analysis was conducted for existing, project opening year, project interim year, and horizon year traffic conditions.

County of Orange Parking Analysis for an operations center. The purpose of the parking analysis was to determine if adequate parking spaces will be provided for the project site.

We Offer the Following Services:
Traffic Impact Analyses
Transportation Planning
Traffic Operations
Parking Analyses
Nexus/Fair Share Cost Studies
General Plan Circulation Elements
Traffic Signal Warrant Analyses
Trip Generation Comparisons
Intersection Capacity Analyses
Noise and Vibration Services

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