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Traffic Safety Culture in the United States
The AAA Foundation: Traffic Safety Culture Index
With over 40,000 deaths from vehicular accidents in the United States annually, the AAA Foundation has taken the initiative to research traffic safety problems in an effort to develop an awareness about traffic safety in America. Per a survey conducted in late 2007 through January 2008, the research project came to several key findings, including:
  • Only one fifth of those surveyed estimated that there were between 20,000 and 80,000 deaths from motor vehicle accidents per year in the United States. In reality, there has been between 39,000 and 45,000 deaths per year from motor vehicle accidents since 1990. Thus, 80 percent of those surveyed were generally unaware of the number of accident fatalities.
  • Of current issues affecting the United States, 70% of those surveyed were highly concerned with rising gas prices while only 41% were equally concerned about road safety.
  • Of all problems associated with accidents, 76% said drunk drivers were a problem, 64% said cell phone use was a problem, and 59% said distracted drivers was a problem.  It should be noted that excessive speed and inattention were not among the top three, yet are normally considered major factors.
  • Strongly supported safety measures include requiring all teen drivers to complete a driver's education course (81%) and mandatory seat belt use by all vehicle occupants (73%).  Least supported measures include the use of cameras to ticket speeding (47%) and requiring all drivers to use alcohol testing equipment in order to start a vehicle (31%).
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San Bernardino County Traffic Impact Analysis for an existing light warehouse and specialty retail facility developing into an approximately 200,000 square foot office complex with 25,000 square feet of commercial retail use.

 Kern County Traffic Impact Analysis for an approximately 2,500 single-family dwelling unit project analyzing Levels of Service for Existing, Year 2012, and Year 2035 traffic conditions. 

Traffic Signal Fair Share Analysis for a business park in the County of Riverside.

 Parking analysis in the County of Riverside for an existing plaza to replace an approximately 3,500 square foot vacant office with an approximately 23,000 square foot office building.
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