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Volume 42

Safety expert calls for more upgrades on Expo Line
Los Angeles Times
A month after Metroís Expo Line opened, safety questions are continuing to be raised about several street crossing along the light-rail route, including a unique and challenging intersection that forms a maze of track, traffic signals and warning signs...More

Itís costly, but Los Angeles is getting its rail mojo back
The Sacramento Bee
LOS ANGELES-It took more than a half-century, but this megalopolis that long ago turned its back on cheap street trolleys like the Red Car in favor of car-choked concrete superhighways is finally getting its rail mojo back. Los Angeles has expanded its rail transit service over...More

O.C. freeways among most congested, study finds
Orange County Register
Orange County is home of the 37th most congested freeway in the nation, while in Los Angeles corridor near the Getty claimed the No. 1 spot, according to an Inrix Inc. study. O.C. motorists were delayed about nine minutes and traveled at an average speed...More

RIVERSIDE COUNTY: Toll lane project prep work taking shape
Press Enterprise
With funding for a massive toll lane and widening project settled, Riverside County transportation officials are beginning to spend some of the money in preparation for the start of construction next year. Workers wonít start adding...More

TRANSPORTATION: I-215 widening gets $113.4 million infusion
Press Enterprise
Funding for a planned widening of Interchange 215 between Menifee and Perris will rely less on county sales tax collections and ore on state coffers, now that a state commission has awarded the project $113.4 million.  The California Transportation...More

U-turn tickets arenít that common
San Diego Union-Tribune
You might need to double back and read this sentence twice:  Tickets for making an illegal U-turns are pretty rare in San Diego.  The Watchdog has been reviewing a database of tickets written by the San Diego Police Department, and U-turn citations...More

Recent Projects

County of Orange Parking Analysis for a meditation hall, with an office and storage. The purpose of the parking analysis was to determine if adequate parking spaces will be provided at the proposed facility.

County of Riverside Traffic and Noise Impact Analysis for a new car dealership.  A Level of Service analysis was conducted for existing, existing plus project, and opening year traffic conditions. The noise study analyzed how projected generated traffic, construction, and operational noise and vibration impacts may impact the sensitive receptors and recommended appropriate mitigation measures.

County of Los Angeles Traffic Impact Analysis for a wellness center and lab project.  Level of Service analysis was conducted for existing and opening year traffic conditions.


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