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Volume 44

Latest 405 widening plan would spare Fairview bridge in O.C.
Los Angeles Times
An alternative plan for the 405 Freeway improvement project that would keep an overpass from being torn down is gaining traction among select Orange County cities. The option would have two toll lanes that would start north of Fairview Avenue ...More

Six O.C. cities oppose I-405 toll lane option
Orange County Register
COSTA MESA Five Orange County mayors and a mayor pro tem have submitted a joint letter to the board of the Orange County Transportation Authority opposing a plan to expand the I-405 San Diego Freeway and add a tolled ....More

Gas prices expect to increase 20-30 cents
Orange County Register
The Richmond refinery blaze has raised concern about the impact the disruption could have on gas prices across California. "The damage, and the likely outage of some or all of the 245,000-barrel-a-day facility, could push gasoline...More

JURUPA VALLEY: City to share cost to repair Camino Real
Press Enterprise
The Jurupa Valley City Council voted Thursday, Aug. 2 to share the cost of repairing Camino Real with Riverside County's Department of Transportation. The vote was...More

Caltrans: LA freeway expansion project could improve public health
California Watch
Expanding a major Los Angeles freeway in an area known for traffic-related air pollution could improve public health, according to a draft environmental impact report issued last month by the...More

Governor signs law to make California home to nation's first truly high-speed rail
California is poised to become home to the nation's first truly high-speed rail system with Gov. Jerry Brown's signing Wednesday of a law authorizing the first leg of construction for a line that will eventually...More

Recent Projects

County of Los Angeles Parking Analysis for an outpatient radiology facility expansion. The purpose of the parking analysis was to determine if adequate parking spaces will be provided at the proposed project.

County of San Bernardino Traffic Impact Analysis for a conversion of an existing truck maintenance facility to a high-cube warehouse distribution center. A Level of Service analysis was conducted for existing, opening year, and horizon year traffic conditions.

County of San Bernardino Focused Traffic Impact Analysis for a proposed conservation and flood control project. The proposed project includes basins and related improvements together with conveyance facilities for storm and recycled water systems. A Level of Service analysis was conducted for existing, existing plus project, and opening year traffic conditions.

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