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Volume 53

TRANSPORTATION: ‘Buy American’ rules could stall Inland projects
Press Enterprise
Inland officials are sounding alarm bells about a new twist on an old federal policy they say threatens big transportation projects set to launch in a few months ... More

L.A.'s broken-parking-meter scheme may soon expire
Los Angeles Times
It’s one of the city’s more cynical ways of making money, and Gatto wants it to stop. We already pay, as he points out, “for street maintenance, meter installation and meter upkeep.” ... More

S.D. bans overnight RV street parking
San Diego Union Tribune
SAN DIEGO — Overnight parking restrictions targeting recreational vehicles, trailers and campers will soon be in effect for all of San Diego’s streets ... More

Tire Companies: When the Rubber Hits the Road
San Francisco Gate
Are rubber tires here to stay? Today as well as in the past rubber is critical to U.S. and global transportation. But are rubber company stocks good investments? In this post, we'll examine arguments both for and against rubber companies. ... More

A Sign For the Times: Digital Wayfinding Adapts to Your Needs
Smithsonian Magazine
As previously mentioned on Design Decoded, New York City starting updating all their street signs last year with a new, more legible model designed specifically for transit ... More

Eventually, You'll Be Able To Get A Workout While Your Car Drives You To Work
Business Insider
Driverless cars may be years away, but that's not stopping people from dreaming up ways of how they can change our cities and our lives Bryant Walker Smith, a member of the Center for Automotive Research at Stanford, envisions driverless cars ... More

Recent Projects

County of San Bernardino Air Quality and Global Climate Change Impact Analysis was performed for the expansion of an auto dealership to address the possibility of regional and local air quality impacts.

County of Orange Focused Traffic Analysis was performed for a CNG Station to determine driveway traffic volumes, projected driveway conflicts, and review truck turning templates.

County of Riverside Noise Impact Analysis was performed for a wine tasting room, parking area, villas, and a pool to address the possibility of significant impacts due to traffic related noise impacts generated by the project after it is open.

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