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Volume 52

California Transportation Commission Approves Billion-Dollar Infusion Of Funding To Upgrade Transportation
California Department of Transportation
Continuing the drive to rebuild the state’s infrastructure, the California Transportation Commission (CTC) today allocated $1 billion in funding for 153 transportation projects that will strengthen... More

The Department Of Transportation Wants Cars To Disable Texting While Driving
Business Insider
In an effort to reduce the number of deaths each year due to distracted driving, the Department of Transportation has created a set of guidelines for automakers that aims to reduce the use of mobile devices while in motion... More

Active transportation and health - let's get moving
San Francisco Gate
The start-up of the New York City bikeshare provides an opportune time to comment on the benefits of active transportation, biking and walking, on personal as well as environmental/societal health. Active transportation refers to an... More

U.S. trails in building fueling stations for hydrogen-powered cars
Los Angeles Times
Hyundai Motor Co. rolled out the first 15 of its hydrogen-powered ix35 sport utility vehicles headed to Copenhagen this week. But part of the news for U.S. drivers interested in the technology was the fact that the event was in Europe and not here... More

MURRIETA: Longer yellow lights seen as traffic camera remedy
Press Enterprise
A group of Murrieta residents, including some who fought to remove the city’s red light cameras, is working to lengthen the time of many of the city’s yellow lights in the name of safety... More

Parking ended in Balboa Park plaza
San Diego Union Tribune
Park rangers said they began the change over before dawn, as they installed scores of orange traffic cones in the 1.5-acre space between the San Diego Museum of Art on the north and the statue of El Cid on the south... More

Recent Projects

County of San Bernardino Air Quality and Global Climate Change Impact Analysis was performed for a residential apartment complex to address the possibility of regional and local air quality impacts.

County of Orange Trip Generation was performed for a distribution center in order to determine the project trip generation, 24-hour traffic counts were conducted. In addition, truck classification counts were conducted.

County of Riverside Noise Impact Analysis was performed to address the possibility of significant impacts due to noise, for 468 single-family detached residential dwelling units, or 448 single-family detached residential dwelling units and 51 multi-family attached residential dwelling units.

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