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Volume 55

Katie Wilson, M.S. Joins Kunzman Associates, Inc.
Katie Wilson, M.S. has recently joined the Kunzman Associates, Inc. team as an Air Quality specialist.  Her experience includes comprehensive studies for recreation, residential, commercial, and industrial developments as well as public projects throughout California.  Her education includes completing undergraduate studies in biology at California State University, San Bernardino and graduate studies in environmental toxicology at University of California, Riverside.  Ms. Wilson also teaches chemistry labs at California State University, San Bernardino.

Kunzman Associates, Inc. provides services to its clients in order to meet national, state and local standards requirements for public agencies and private developers.  To keep client projects in step with rapidly changing regulations, constant effort is provided to keep up-to-date on the complex understandings of the regulatory setting facing all developers (private and public) in this field.   Kunzman Associates, Inc. staff has in-depth knowledge of all guidelines for preparing quality impacts analyses, including the South Coast Air Quality Management District’s CEQA Air Quality Handbook and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District’s CEQA Air Quality Guidelines, which have both contributed in developing the industry standards.  We ensure our environmental documents contain thorough environmental analyses and explicit documentation of all data sources and research contacts.

Kunzman Associates, Inc. performs analyses and modeling for a broad range of project types to determine project impacts and feasibility, and cost-effective mitigation measures.   To determine the potential air quality impacts of each project, we use the most current models and assessment protocols from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the California Air Resources Board, local air quality management and air pollution control districts, and city or county governments with jurisdiction.

Kunzman Associates, Inc. services include:

  • Air Quality and Global Climate Change Impact Analyses under CEQA and NEPA.
  • Health Risk Assessments.
  • Analysis of regulatory impacts on various existing and future project conditions.
  • Preparation of general plan air quality elements and Climate Action Plans.
  • Mitigation programs for commercial, transportation, and industrial projects.

Recent Projects

County of Los Angeles Noise Impact Analysis was performed for 2 new industrial buildings to evaluate noise impacts associated with this project.

County of San Bernardino Air Quality, Global Climate Change, and Health Risk Assessment Impact Analysis was performed for a large industrial building to assess the health risk from diesel air emissions.

County of San Bernardino Traffic Impact Analysis was performed for a proposed hotel to assess traffic impacts resulting from the development.

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